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At Emmaus, children will explore the world around them through the specific disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology. Children are encouraged to develop a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world around them through the use of appropriate resources, fieldwork and first-hand enquiry that promote questioning and exploration.  Children are given the opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, processes and skills. Children consider how science affects the world on a personal, national and global level and the positive and negative impacts of scientific developments. As part of our school’s unique Catholic and Church of England status we also reflect on God’s presence in each scientific phenomenon.

Our Concepts and Content Organiser shows what scientific knowledge and skills are taught at each stage of children's development and links these to specific topics.  Our assessment framework follows the expectations of the National Curriculum closely.  Our Pedagogy document outlines how we teach science and some of the thinking that informs our teaching.