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Our Curriculum

At Emmaus, we embrace everyone as a unique individual who is precious to God.  We nurture the whole child, celebrating their efforts and achievements whilst encouraging their aspirations and developing their potential.  We recognise that having a ‘growth mindset’ best prepares children to meet that potential.  A growth mindset is a set of beliefs and commitments that underpin all teaching and learning, which include:

  • That effort is the key to future success.

  • Errors and mistakes are a learning experience that can be used to develop understanding.

  • Improvements can always be made through reviewing, editing and practise.

Learning is an active process with underlying skills.  These are exemplified through our six learning behaviours in our behaviour policy.

What do we teach? Concepts and Content Organisers

How we organise our curriculum: Long term Planners

Adapting teaching for remote learning