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At Emmaus, we want to give our children a broad and diverse understanding of historical events that have shaped the world they live in today.  Our learning objectives are aligned to meet or exceed the National Curriculum, ensuring that children are linking events to their own personal and local history.  For each topic, we have a ‘Diverse Histories’ concept, which aims to educate children about diverse figures related to each topic; for example, developing an understanding that Roman Britain was a multicultural society through the archaeological evidence from the ‘Ivory Bangle Lady’ or exploring Queen Elizabeth I’s relationship with the Ottoman Empire.   By the end of Y6, we want our children to be leaving Emmaus as confident and competent historians, who are able to access and evaluate historical sources and material through a critical lens.

Our Concepts and Content Organiser shows what historical knowledge and skills are taught at each stage of children's development.  Our Pedagogy document outlines how we teach History and some of the thinking that informs our teaching.

Updated: Sept. 2022

Review : Sept. 2023