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Art and Design

At Emmaus, we recognise the importance of art and design, allowing children to produce creative work and record their experiences (Dept. for Education 2013).  We focus on the skills of drawing, painting and sculpture.  Children develop their understanding of renowned artists and creative practitioners and place their work within broader historical and cultural development.

We use the work of artists and other creative practitioners as the stimulus and inspiration for children’s work.  We also use sketchbooks to allow children to review and refine their ideas.  Children revisit six broad themes each phase (Y1/2, Y3/4, Y5/6): ‘Portrait Art’, ‘Landscape Art’, ‘Abstract Art’, ‘Nature and Art’, ‘Science and Art’ and ‘Breaking Boundaries’.  This allows children to revisit and develop their artistic interests, ideas and skills as they move through school. 

Our Concepts and Content Organiser shows what artistic skills are taught at each stage of children's development.  Our Pedagogy document outlines how we teach Art and some of the research that informs our teaching.

Updated: April 2023
Review: September 2023