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Adapting teaching for remote learning

Due to the national lockdown put in place to restrict the transmission of COVID-19, we have adapted our teaching to keep our pupils learning.  Each child has an individual log-in to Google Classroom, where they can access assignments, quizzes and lessons set by their teacher.  Teachers are holding a mixture of live lessons and recorded sessions each day.  They are adapting materials we would be using in face-to-face teaching to make them accessible remotely.  We are also creating lessons for children to complete independently across the  National Curriculum subjects.  Teachers are therefore meeting the same, or very similar, objectives as we would be doing in school. 

In February 2021, Ofsted recognised that our remote education was effective and that we 'have swiftly developed a remote education package. Your leadership team have thoughtfully adapted the curriculum to make it accessible to all.'

Please click on this link to view the full report: 

Please see some tutorials below to help you access Google Classroom.

How to log on to Google Classroom 

How to get started with Google Classroom

How to join a video meeting in Google Classroom

How to turn in an assignment